Custom Harps

Spiers Customized HarmonicasJoe Spiers is a Hohner-certified craftsman of exceptional quality diatonic harmonicas, specializing in high-performance Marine Band, Golden Melody and Special 20 models.

Spiers custom harmonicas are offered in ascending Stages to best serve your needs. Focused, punchy tone. Tightly intonated, effortless bends. Comfortable, responsive and air-efficient. From traditional tongue blocked blues to modern jazz using overblows, there's a model for you!

I’m currently accepting orders. To join the waiting list, payment terms are at least half in advance. Orders are completed in sequence with deposits, balance due when completed. As of 12-13-14, my lead time for delivery on new orders is estimated at approximately 4 months.

Please read my blog post "Dude, where's my harp?" before ordering, or if you're becoming anxious about an existing order. I occasionally get behind the predicted schedule for many reasons, but if you want to shoot an email or call I'll give you the current calendar date that your job is planned to begin.

For repairs, please visit the Service page.

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