Joe Spiers is a Hohner-certified craftsman of exceptional quality custom harmonicas.

What’s a custom harmonica? If it comes from here, it means HIGH PERFORMANCE. I focus on making them responsive, comfortable, consistent and reliable. If you’re looking for the best reed work in the business, you’re in the right place. Why settle for less?

Proper reedwork results in a dynamic, air-efficient musical instrument. Whether you order a harp from me or send one of yours to massage, it will project a rich, balanced tone that’s louder without being abrasive. There will be a consistent high-quality feel or “action” across all notes, including bends, from bottom to top.

Whether you want to improve your playing, or just need harps that don’t get in the way of what you already do, I’m here to help by providing quality instruments that don’t fight against you.

* Repairs and tuning

* New/used harp setup

* Order my custom harmonicas

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Please send your info through the contact form to get started.

When I have surplus of READY TO GO harps on hand, I’ll create a link here.