Detail of Broken Harmonica Reed







USED HARPS with wear and tear are often still worth fixing with one of my economy options, but not further customizing.

If a harp is fairly new but needs a repair (or simply doesn’t turn you on), it can also be improved while we’re in there with my new Super Pro setup.


I do not work on MS series harmonicas, Seydels, or chromatics.


NEW HARPS are also a smart option to work with, combined with the Super Pro service. You can have them drop-shipped directly from Rockin’ Rons, or send me a recent purchase that doesn’t play quite right. Having a hard time with those 3 draw bends? You won’t when I’m finished.

Work is completed on a first-come first-serve basis. Wait time will vary, depending on what service is being done, how many harps you send, and how many harps other players have sent in the meantime.

Two promises I can make with 100% confidence are that you’ll get a top quality job, and I’m working as hard as I can to take care of business. As long as you’re flexible and patient you’ll be happy!!!



Tuning default is 19-limit JI unless otherwise specified.

    • $10     R&R  Replace a reed, no other service included.

    • $25*     STOCK  Repair, Clean and Tune.

    • $60*     SUPER PRO™ Make it rip!

      * ADD $20 for nailed 1896 Marine Band, includes replacing pearwood comb and converting to all screw construction


Send me a clean reedplate. I remove a bad reed, screw in a new one, gap and tune that reed, and send it back. I use new reeds, attached with screws. Great deal if you otherwise do most of your own work. Send several if you want so you’ll have backups, and it’ll help make the postage worth it. ($10)


This includes cleaning, one reed replacement, spot-check of gaps and a full strobe-tune. It’s a basic repair service for harps that already play well, including custom harmonicas that I’ve sold. ($25). This is NOT appropriate for fixing harps with other issues, that requires Super Pro attention.

SUPER PRO™ (combination of former Pro and Super Stock)

In addition to a repair (if needed), I’ll flatten mating surfaces, center the reeds, set up the reed shapes and gaps, emboss the slots, and give it a high-quality strobe tune.

Results are much improved response, control of bends/vibrato, and an even playing feel from bottom to top.

This service is only available for NEW or LIGHTLY-USED harps that are 5 years old or less (much less is better). Think of it like getting the “one-in-twenty” harp that plays perfect out of the box, and then some. Except you don’t have to buy 19 leaky harps to get it.

It’s a great value for working players, because down the road your repairs are only $25 and turned around promptly.

It’s also appropriate for students who’ve made it past the initial slobbering stage, and start noticing when a harp might be working against them. It provides assurance of having a very high quality harp, without gambling on multiple brands and models. You can very easily spend hundreds of dollars and end up with 10 harps that don’t play right. With my setup you’ll have confidence in the instrument, and be able to focus on learning.  ($60) This is also my minimum charge for straightening out problems with customs from other builders.



  • USA shipping/handling is a flat $10 per shipment if it fits in a small flat rate box

  • Non-US customers please read carefully

  • If economy postage is requested ($20), customer assumes all responsibility for lost packages. No tracking available. Some countries are reliable, some aren’t… it’s your call.

  • USPS Priority Express Mail may be desired for non-domestic orders to prevent loss. This is the least expensive option we have to obtain tracking information. Cost for sending to Canada- $40 USD, everywhere else- $60 USD

  • All the above are performed by me, not subbed out! But, sometimes I share my existing custom harp repair workload with Burke T at Open Door Harmonicas. Burke is a cool cat and a talented musician. He’s been working very closely with several notable customizers/techs for a few years. I may ask you to give him a call if I’m jammed up on the calendar.