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Detail of Broken Harmonica Reed





Sometimes new harps need some help, right out of the box! And some used ones have plenty of life left, if it weren’t for that one bad reed.

Don’t get bummed out, take advantage of the opportunity! While I’m doing the harmonica repair, we can also do other things to make it play better than it ever did to start with.

My reedwork is designed to support future upgrades if desired. Each level builds on the foundation of work done on a prior level. The cost of upgrading would include the price difference between levels of service, plus $25 for a normal full service and tune. Tuning time is the bulk of that 25 bucks.


PRICES AT A GLANCE- REED LABOR ON YOUR HARP- to purchase new custom harmonicas click here.

Prices do NOT include postage, please scroll to bottom for that info


    • $10     R&R  Replace a reed, no other service included.

    • $25     STOCK  Repair-Gap-Tune, flatten draw plate.

    • $45     SUPER STOCK Set up the curves, light embossing. 

    • $75     PRO STOCK Premium reed work on holes 1-4.

    • $95     STAGE I Premium full reed work.

    • $120   STAGE II With 4-5-6 overblows.

Side Dishes


  • $30     Convert 1896 to screws, with sealed comb.

  • $10     File/smooth reedplate edges(MB) or comb ends(sp20), and cover plate end seams.

  • $5       File/smooth reedplate edges only (later MB Deluxe/Crossover have factory smooth covers).

  • $20     Replace MB comb with new sealed pearwood comb. Sharp edges removed on tines and end corners, heavily coated (inside only) with odorless polyurethane.

  • $25     Retune a G down to Low F. This works very very well.


Send me bare reedplate(s). I remove a bad reed, screw in a new one, gap and tune that reed. No cleaning or anything else, that’s your job. Great deal if you otherwise do most of your own work. Send several if you want so you’ll have backups, and it’ll help make the postage worth it.


This level of harmonica repair service includes cleaning, one FREE reed replacement (if needed), and flattening of the draw plate/comb for air tightness. I’ll do simple gapping adjustments to address obvious leakage or sticking, and a full strobe tune. I use new reeds, and attach them with screws. Why would you pay someone to salvage a reed from a junk pile and sorta-tune it, after hammering on your reed plate and bending it up, when you can get a professional job at this price? ($25)


This harp repair service includes all of “STOCK.” Plus a higher degree of attention to reed shapes and gaps (AKA setting the curves), and lightly embossed slots when it’s needed to even out the tone between holes. Rolling some Super Stock reedwork into your harp repair will make it play even more nicely, from bottom to top. ($45)


All the above, with Stage I premium reed work on holes 1-4. The low end is where the power of fully advanced reed work matters most, to many players. Maximum quality bending control, with chordal response that especially compliments traditional tongueblock playing. Don’t forget, at this point the rest of the harp has already had attention to make it better than average. Turn that broken (or fresh) out of the box Crossover into one of the meanest blues harps you’ll ever play, with a Pro-Stock harmonica repair. ($75)


Premium embossed traditional setup on all ten holes, as used on my custom harmonicas, with a reputation that speaks for itself. This price for harp repair includes reed/slot labor only! Smoothing of edges and corners is additional cost, as noted above. ($95)


Same deal as Stage I, with pro-overblow setup for holes 4-5-6. ($120)



  • USA shipping/handling is a flat $10 per shipment if it fits in a small flat rate box

  • Non-US customers please read carefully

  • If economy postage is requested ($20), customer assumes all responsibility for lost packages. No tracking available. Some countries are reliable, some aren’t… it’s your call.

  • USPS Priority Express Mail may be desired for non-domestic orders to prevent loss. This is the least expensive option we have to obtain tracking information. Cost for sending to Canada- $40 USD, everywhere else- $60 USD

  • Sometimes I share my harp repair workload with Burke T at Open Door Harmonicas. Burke is a cool cat and a talented musician. He’s been working very closely with several notable customizers/techs for a few years. I may ask you to give him a call if I’m jammed up on the calendar.