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Custom harmonicas- worth it?

Yes, if you get a good one, but they aren’t all created equal! Every player who’s paid his dues knows that stock harmonicas can be really great, really bad, but usually fall somewhere in the middle. When you get a great one, oh man…it’s like winning the lottery!   There are foundational reasons for this, […]

Dude where’s my harp?!!

Please be patient with me.   Working as a full time harp tech has been great, and I don’t regret it. But sometimes things don’t always go like predicted, and managing time is a challenge. Nothing flaky going on here, and I’m not taking vacations with your deposit money. I have a lot of work […]

Meet Joe Spiers- the technician

As boys growing up in the ’70s, my brother and I loved to watch Evil Knievel on TV, then go outside and tear the heck out of our bikes! On my 10th birthday, my Dad gave me a new bicycle with this advice: “You’d better take care of this, it’s the last one you’re going […]