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Please take a minute to describe your playing style, experience, and what type of harp you’re looking at. I need a good idea about how hard you typically play, to help me center the dynamic range of your instruments. If you’re interested in a custom harmonica for a specific purpose or goal, let me know about it.

Filling out the form helps me keep things more organized, and gives me something to reflect on while I’m building your harmonica. I’ll usually reply with an email within a day or two, unless I’m off the grid.

If you don’t hear back, please don’t give up! Sometimes emails seem to vanish into thin air, but sometimes it’s in your SPAM folder. If you don’t get a response, feel free to call me on the phone, my number is 816-449-0205. Or send an email to harpwrench, on

Please read my price/description page before asking questions, it only takes a few minutes and the answers are often easy to find. Thanks!

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    Mailing address: PO Box 251, Gallatin MO 64640