Here’s what my peers and customers are saying about my work

All of the harps play WONDERFULLY! I feel the potential for them to allow my playing to move up a level: certain elusive riffs seem more playable already. They are lovely instruments and I really appreciate the quality and your workmanship – I’d find it tough to return to playing stockers after playing your custom harps.
Dominic H, Stage I Special 20’s

Fantastic work Joe. I Gigged with your custom Marine Bands Saturday night and they are both top shelf!
Ted R, Stage III Marine Bands

Absolutely incredible. Each and every custom harmonica I order from you is even better than the previous one. They’re like driving an Indy car verses a station wagon. You are an amazing builder of fine instruments. I could have never imagined I’d ever be saying that about a harmonica.
Don M, Stage I Marine Bands

Jesus Joe! It’s amazing, plays like butter- you’re a genius! Thanks a lot, I’ll take a G now!
Ray G, Stage III Golden Melody

Thanks for everything! I appreciate your craftsmanship, high level of attention to detail and personal service. I feel like you took extra efforts to make my custom harps just the way I wanted. I really enjoy playing them. I’m a very happy customer!
John P, Stage I Golden Melodies

Beautiful! Easy playing and sound so damn good. I appreciate craftsmanship, and these custom harps are first rate. Great work, I am very happy I ordered more. Man, they really are so well done. Thank you!
Mark M, Stage I Marine Bands

I’m shocked at the response of your custom harps, especially in the upper register! Amazing.
Mike S, Stage III MB’s

Now I can do things that I’ve been trying to do for decades! It wasn’t my technique, it was the harps I’ve been playing – I’ve been fighting it for nearly 40 years. Jeez! The harps I’ve been playing forever required that I worry too much about
the instrument rather that just playing it. With your custom harmonicas, whatever style I’m playing, the music just flows and I
don’t have to worry about the instrument.
Rick B, Stage I Marine Bands

At the end of the day, even though I have custom harps from lots of people in my case, yours are the ones I reach for.
Dennis M, Stage I Golden Melodies

Overall the harps are top shelf! Thank you so much for the work you are doing. It means so much for me to have instruments with which I can explore musicianship with no limitations. I’m filled with new hope and inspiration, and want to order some more.
Ray L, Stage III Marine Bands

I feel they set a high bar for quality of workmanship, and what can be achieved with a custom harmonica.
Burke T, Stage I Special 20’s

I don´t think you’ll remember, but that Bb you made me in 2007 is still a ridiculously good harp. Everything is like a breeze. Playing overblows while tongue-blocking is easier than on any other custom harp I’ve had, and overblows can be raised ad. inf. Yet, none of this is at the expense of responsiveness or tone. In short, you made me the best custom harmonica I’ve ever owned and I wanted to say thanks. (2013)
JJ, Stage III MB

I know you’ve heard it a thousand times but WOW! You build a magical harp.
Michael R, Stage I Special 20

Amazing, I can’t state enough superlatives, it’s fantastic! I’m spoiled for ever buying another out of the box harp.
Colin H, Stage II Marine Band

They play beautifully of course and I am thrilled. Thank you for your time and dedication to your craft, instruments like these inspire my soul!
Peter G, Stage III Marine Bands

I have to say your harp is the business. I’ll definitely be ordering more even though I’m a Seydel man. Your custom Marine Bands truly are magical.
Anthony W, Stage I Marine Band

I just wanted to say how awesome the harps are, they have transformed my playing! The precision and tuning are incredible, and the sound is a joy. I have upped my game, partly as a result of the harp sound and partly because I just want to play them all the time. Thank you!
Steven A, Stage II Marine Bands

Damn, this thing is smoking! Amazing response and overblows are perfect! Thanks a lot!
Michael C, Stage II Marine Band

Even better than I expected!
Too many customers to list, custom Hohner harmonicas

They are amazing and am having a great time. I’m now working on tunes which I had shelved because my old harps just weren’t up to the task of playing so fluidly and evenly. Thank you!
Dick A, Stage III Golden Melodies

I just want to thank you for your attention to detail and the wonderful work you do. Your custom harps are hands down the best of the best!
Mike D, Stage I Marine Bands

Amazing work on the harp – so smooth… great!
Matti A, Stage II MB

Custom Marine Bands just arrived in the post….masterpieces! I swear you just keep getting better.
Mark W, Stage I Marine Bands

Your custom harps are truly wonderful, the reed response is so easy and the tone stays constant, full and bouncy!
Johnny C, Stage I Special 20’s

Well done! They feel like they jump in my hands with a change in breath. Thank you!
Michael L, Stage I Marine Bands

The dynamic nuance now available on every reed top to bottom astounds me. The 10 hole blow bends have never
come under such control for me. 1 ob is there!! 2 and 3 draw bends are so smooth and fluid. The evenness overall is the full treat! Thanks man – I’m absolutely thrilled !!!
Rick S, Stage III Golden Melody

Hi Joe, perfect as always!! Excellent.. Thank you.
Gary O, Stage I Marine Bands

I was riffing around on holes 1-3 and all of a sudden I transcended the harmonica… It felt like the harp was not even there. I was just playing with my throat, mouth, and diaphragm. Very cool.
Kevin R, Stage III Marine Band

I never played a harp so playable! I have a box full of custom Marine Bands and yours is head and shoulders above the best of them. It’s a gem and I’m very grateful; thank you.
Jim D, Stage III Marine Band

It’s insane, thanks so much!
Jeffrey K, Stage III custom Marine Band

It actually resonates in my hand. All my other harps now sound dull and lifeless. You’ve ruined me!
Cameron G, Stage I Marine Band

WOW. Your craftsmanship and attention to detail are truly amazing. I feel very fortunate to have these beautiful instruments, and I will be thanking you every time I play.
Miles N, Stage I Marine Bands

This plays so well, I’m keeping it for myself. How do you do it?!!
Brad H, B-Radical

Simply the sweetest, loudest, most responsive and sensitive harmonicas I’ve ever put my hands on!
Donnie M, Stage I MB’s

Even more amazing than I expected!
Andrew L, Stage III custom Marine Band

Don’t know exactly what the difference is between your custom harmonicas and (name removed), but yours are easier to play and achieve anything I throw at them. Everything I hoped for. Thanks man!
Jason W, Stage III Marine Bands

I can’t believe that I struggled for so many years with stock harmonicas, some that were ok, and some just plain awful. My playing and enjoyment is so much greater with your custom harps- thank you so much, I truly appreciate them. As finances permit I will keep ordering.
Diane K, Stage I custom Special 20’s

It is truly amazing! The overdraws are beautiful! Thanks so much. Can’t wait to have enough money to get some more harps from you!
Jackson K, Stage III Marine Band