Pricing & Descriptions

Custom Marine Band & Special 20 harmonicas

You may order Stage I harps described on this page, by letting me know what you want and joining a list. I don’t require a deposit at this time for popular keys (G-A-Bb-C-D).  Just commit that you’ll pay when it’s ready, then keep your word. I’ll provide the harp.

Stage II overblow harmonicas, and Stage I’s in other keys, require a $50 deposit.



[ Please Also See Stages Below ]

  • No Nails

    All-screw construction

  • Smoothed Rails

    Corners and rails smoothed for comfort

  • Coverplates

    Deluxe coverplates standard, Thunderbird covers optional for lower keys.

  • Comb

    Your choice of comb, all are the same price:

    * Pearwood for organic tone, chamfered tines/corners and extra thick internal sealing.

    * Custom black acrylic for durability, ease of cleaning, and brighter tone.

    * Hohner “factory custom” stock Crossover bamboo comb.

  • Reed Work

    Spiers Process high-performance reedwork:

    • Both Crossover reed plates are straightened and comb flattened.
    • All reeds accurately indexed so the reeds swing straight in the slots.
    • All reed slots embossed to closer tolerances.
    • All reeds properly shaped for optimum geometry.
  • Tuning

    Strobo-tuned to 19-limit JI

  • Low Keys

    Low keys are available at an extra cost.


[ Please Also See Stages Below ]

  • Keys

    Available in standard keys, and low E-F-F# (extra cost)

  • Reed Work

    Spiers Process high-performance reed work

  • Comb

    Stock comb, corners smoothed for comfort

  • Coverplates

    Coverplates opened in back, corner seams smoothed

  • Tuning

    Strobo-tuned to 19-limit JI

Stage I™   Traditional setup

Best setup for traditional blues and folk styles

* Springy and air-efficient, but not stuffy
* Vibrato friendly
* Precise bend control from bottom to top
* Rich sound and even feel on every hole
* Wide dynamic response
* 19-limit just intonation unless otherwise requested

$130 – SP20 (on sale)
$155 – Marine Band Deluxe/Crossover, your choice of comb (on sale)

$10 – Add-on for Thunderbird conical coverplate
$25 – extra to re-tune down to low E, F and F#

Contact form for questions or ordering


Stage II™   4-5-6 overblow harmonica

All of Stage I, with high-performance access to the “missing notes” in the middle register.

* Tuned to 19-limit just intonation unless otherwise requested

* Stage 2+ option adds the 7 overdraw

$175 – SP20
$200 – Marine Band Deluxe/Crossover

$20 – Add-on for high-performance 7 overdraw (Stage 2+)

Contact form for questions or ordering

Stage III™ full overblow/overdraw harmonica

* Includes all of Stage 2, with 7-8-9–10 overdraws, and the 1-overblow.

  • My pro-overblow setup takes harp-tech to the next level with radical and innovative modifications to the reeds. The overblows and overdraws are very playable, and you can even bend them up. (Of course you need to own the technique, harps can’t play themselves). This is accomplished while preserving reliable response of the “normal” notes.

* Choose between ET or compromised tuning (default).

$325 – SP20

$350 – Marine Band Deluxe/Crossover


Shipping and handling within USA, $10 per order. USPS priority mail.

Non-USA orders shipped with tracking has become even more expensive! There was a very sharp price increase in January 2016. I’m sorry but there’s nothing I can do about it.

For international customers wanting a tracking number that can be followed online, my only option is USPS Priority Express mail. The cost for that is: Canada $40, all others- $65. Orders that won’t safely go in flat rate envelopes will cost more depending on weight.

First-class International packages WITHOUT tracking starts at $20. You assume any and all risk if the package is lost! Some countries are more reliable than others, it’s YOUR decision.