Pricing & Descriptions

Custom Marine Band & Special 20 harmonicas

You may order harps described on this page, by letting me know what you want and joining the wait list. I don’t require a deposit, placing an order implies that you’ll pay when it’s ready. I’ll provide the harp. If you don’t pay (or at least make arrangements) when I communicate that your order is finished, your order will be cancelled and I won’t trust you in the future.



[ Please Also See Stages Below ]

  • No Nails

    All-screw construction

  • Smoothed Rails

    Corners and rails smoothed for comfort

  • Coverplates

    Marine Band Deluxe covers are standard

  • Comb

    Choose a comb:

    * Pearwood for organic tone, chamfered tines/corners and extra thick internal sealing.


    *Bamboo (stock Crossover) sounds and works good, nothing fancy done

  • Reed Work

    Spiers Process high-performance reedwork:

    • Both Crossover reed plates are straightened and comb flattened.
    • All reeds accurately indexed so the reeds swing straight in the slots.
    • All reed slots embossed to closer tolerances.
    • All reeds properly shaped for optimum geometry.
  • Tuning

    Strobe-tuned for smooth chords and octaves

  • Low Keys

    Low keys are available at an extra cost.


[ Please Also See Stages Below ]

  • Keys

    Available in standard keys, and low E-F-F# (extra cost)

  • Reed Work

    Spiers Process high-performance reed work

  • Comb

    Stock comb, corners smoothed for comfort

  • Coverplates

    Coverplates opened in back, corner seams smoothed

  • Tuning

    Strobe-tuned for smooth chords and octaves

Stage I™   Traditional setup

Best setup for traditional blues and folk styles. This is a fully customized high performance harmonica, fast and powerful

* Springy and air-efficient, but not stuffy
* Vibrato friendly
* Precise bend control from bottom to top
* Rich sound and even feel on every hole
* Wide dynamic response
* 19-limit just intonation

$165 – SP20
$190 – Marine Band

$25 – extra to re-tune down to low Eb, E, F and F#

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Stage II™   4-5-6 overblow harmonica

All of Stage I, with high-performance access to the “missing notes” in the middle register.

* Tuned to 19-limit unless otherwise requested

* Stage 2+ option adds the 7 overdraw

$195 – SP20
$220 – Marine Band

$25 – Add-on for high-performance 7 overdraw (Stage 2+)

Contact form for questions or ordering


Shipping and handling within USA, $10 per order. USPS priority mail.

For international customers, I use USPS Priority mail. The cost for that is: Canada $30, most others- $45. Orders that won’t safely go in flat rate envelopes will cost more depending on weight.