Harmonica Resources & Links

Rockin’ Rons
Great human being and great prices on harps!

Mr. Microphone
A good friend, and one of my favorite mic builders

David Barrett’s fantastic instructional site, with access to top players.

Gotta join the list if you play harp!

Modern Blues
Harmonica forum and lessons from Adam Gussow.

Helge Tallqvist
A great player from Finland, check out his George Smith story and cd tribute

RileyDesigns.com Web & Graphic Design (this site!)
He blows mean harp too

You Missed Monday!
For those that couldn’t make it to Joe Filisko’s weekly harmonica classes

Joe  Filisko
Harmonica master technician-teacher-artist

Richard Sleigh
Custom harmonicas, tools, and instruction

Todd Parrott
Soulful music, straight from the harp

World of Harmonica
Informative blog

TJ Klay

Blues Harp Mics

Nedra Russ

My YouTube

Hohner Affiliated Customizers