Service Department

In the service department, I offer the same reedwork as with the custom harps I sell. Prices below are the rates for my labor, on your harp.

If you want a custom Hohner Rocket or Golden Melody, provide me with the harmonica(s) and I’ll charge you for the reedwork according to prices below. Golden Melodies should be sent with Andrew Zajac custom combs. Rockin’ Rons can drop ship both to me for your convenience.

GENERAL SERVICE ( $35 plus postage )

[ For maintaining and repairing customs I’ve sold ]

This includes cleaning, one reed replacement (add $5 per additional reed), and a full strobe-tune. Turnaround is ASAP. Servicing custom harmonicas from other builders may be available in some cases. Pricing will vary and turnaround may have less priority.


Send me a harp, and if it’s in as-new condition I’ll do the same Spiers Process high-performance reedwork as I do to my full customs. I don’t offer “semi-custom” reedwork.

My focus is on providing the best playing harmonicas I can make, for a fair price. I’m normally able to do that while using the stock parts that the harps come with from the factory.

The exception to that is Golden Melody harmonicas. If you need me to set up a GM harp, you’ll also need to send a Zajac comb with it.

I do NOT like to use custom combs in most other cases.

When YOU provide the harmonica, prices for the work are below:

STAGE I™ REED LABOR ($115 plus postage) traditional setup.

  • Both reed plates are straightened and comb flattened to eliminate air loss.
  • All 20 reeds are accurately indexed so the reeds swing straight in the slots.
  • All 20 reed slots are embossed to reduce reed/slot tolerances.
  • All 20 reeds are properly shaped for optimum dynamic geometry.
  • Fully strobe tuned.
  • This reedwork will transform your harp into a dynamic, air-efficient musical instrument. It will have a rich, balanced tone that’s louder without being abrasive. There will be an even feel or “action” across all notes including bends, from bottom to top.

STAGE II™ REED LABOR ($145 plus postage) adds 4-5-6 pro-overblow setup.

STAGE II+™ REED LABOR ($165 plus postage) adds 7 overdraw



Newer reeds are better than old reeds, tolerances and materials have improved.

I do NOT work on MS series harps or chromatics.

  • USA shipping/handling is a flat $10 per shipment if it fits in a small flat rate box
  • Non-US customers please read carefully
  • If economy postage is requested ($20), customer assumes all responsibility for lost packages. No tracking available. Some countries are reliable, some aren’t… it’s your call.
  • USPS Priority Express Mail may be desired for non-domestic orders to prevent loss. This is the least expensive option we have to obtain tracking information. Cost for sending to Canada- $40 USD, everywhere else- $65 USD
  • Sometimes I share my harp repair workload with Burke T at Open Door Harmonicas. Burke is a cool cat and a talented musician. He’s been working very closely with several notable customizers/techs for a few years. I may ask you to give him a call if I’m too jammed up on the calendar.