pearwood vs bamboo

I offer a choice between the factory Hohner bamboo comb, or sealed pearwood. Either comb is functional, but the harp will feel different depending on what you order.

Please note how the bamboo Crossover comb has changed in appearance since they were introduced. The tines are now heavily beveled, instead of flat-faced like they used to be. The finish is slick but not shiny, however I’ve been told it’s actually a more protective sealant than before. The main concern is if you’ll have trouble with accurate single notes, with that profile.

My pearwood MB comb has quite a bit of labor in it to make it comfortable and not be prone to swelling. The tines and corners are lightly chamfered, to retain the maximum surface to seal your embouchure. The channels are heavily sealed with non-toxic polyurethane, and the face has a gloss finish. It’s best not to use alcohol on it as it may dull the finish.