Golden Melody Progressive

A customer recently asked if I was working with the new Golden Melody platform. Up until then, nobody had asked! So we did four of them, in a range of keys including tuning G’s down to low E and low F.

I’m 100% pleased with how they turned out. No custom comb needed, because Hohner did a fantastic job, which was a big problem with the old style. Doing work on the reed plates is exactly the same as if I were doing Marine Band plates. The covers are definitely different looking, but I didn’t find them weird to hold and IMO it’s a solid platform all around.

If you’re interested in custom Golden Melodies then I’d be happy to do more of these. The ordering process will work a little differently than normal, as I’ll ask that you provide me with the harp and I’ll provide the labor.  If they become popular, I’ll eventually look into stocking the parts so you won’t have to provide them. But for now this is how I’ll do it. Stage I labor-$115, Stage 2 labor (4-5-6 overblow)- $140, Stage 2+ labor (with 7 overdraw)- $165.